Lipitor Causing Diabetes in Women

Lipitor Is Causing Diabetes In Women

Lipitor Causing Diabets in WomenLipitor (Atorvastatin) is a drug that was formulated by Pfizer Inc. and its purpose is to lower cholesterol level in the body; in the process, the drug also supposedly reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes in patients who use it. After thorough clinical research however, medical experts have discovered that the drug poses serious dangers to the user. The probability of Lipitor causing Diabetes in women is much higher than in men as you will learn later on.

Lipitor is a widely used drug in the United States; the drug is prescribed to a huge proportion of the population each year as individuals try to manage their cholesterol levels. If you happened to take Lipitor and are now suffering from its side effects such as Diabetes, you may be eligible to file a Lipitor lawsuit against the manufacturer, Pfizer Inc. Settlements are awarded on the basis of merit; through a credible Lipitor lawyer, you can pursue litigation with and work with your lawyer towards a possible positive outcome.


Is Lipitor causing Diabetes in Women?


Indeed, women are battling with Diabetes all attributed to Lipitor. As they advance in age, the risk grows even bigger. Diabetes is a leading killer as it causes the occurrence of other life threatening conditions in the affected individual.

Lipitor belongs to a class of drug known as statins; they reduce cholesterol levels in the users’ bodies. Having been the best selling statin in 2007 netting a staggering $7.7 billion dollars, Lipitor found its way into the bodies and lives of the 36% women aged from 64 to 74; this just signifies a defined age group, many more women use Lipitor.

The possibility of Lipitor causing Diabetes in women has increased notably in recent times. Whereas generally men suffer from heart attacks more frequently than women, the tables seem to have turned and now a high percentage of women are experiencing heart attacks. By spiking the blood sugar levels in women, Lipitor causes Diabetes in them; Diabetes rarely occurs as a solitary condition, with it comes serious health implications to the affected individual.

 How Lipitor causes Diabetes

It has been proved that Lipitor decreases the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Researchers argue that Lipitor and other statins affect the functioning of the cells responsible for the secretion and storage of insulin in the pancreas. Insulin is crucial in the absorption and assimilation of glucose and sugar in body cells.

Since the use of Lipitor affects the release of insulin, the glucose and sugar and blood is not successfully converted into energy for use by body cells. Ultimately, this leaves the body cells deprived of energy; worse still, the blood sugar levels in the blood shoot up and this is extremely dangerous to the individual’s health. Type 2 Diabetes sets in as a result of the high blood sugar levels.

By Lipitor causing Diabetes in women, many lives are being ruined; these women are our mothers, wives and daughters and their pain spreads through the whole family. If you are a woman and suffering diabetes as a result of using Lipitor, you can qualify for a settlement by filing a Lipitor lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. Contact us today.

Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor Side Effects you should be concerned with

Over the past years, many physicians have been appraising the use of Lipitor drug due to its medical uses, among them, facilitating reduction of cholesterol levels in the body among many things. Nonetheless, in the medical perspective heart attack is always associated with high cholesterol levels, and usually doctors are always fast to prescribe statin drugs like Lipitor, anticipating averting cardiac occurrences, but hold on. The use of Lipitor drug usually comes along with its effects.

Lipitor Health Side Effects

Apparently, research study shows that many users of this drug complain about myriads of effects that affect them, whenever they apply it. Some of the serious Lipitor side effects include, a health problem regarding body muscle tissues, in this context, a breakdown occurs hence bringing about weakness, as well as muscle aches. More so, it is very important to note that the heart is also a muscle thus; it is no exception, when it comes to the muscle breakdown. Moreover, someside effects are very dangerous to your body that it can even lead to dizziness especially when induced into the body, and in some cases, it can severely damage the nerve system, which is commonly referred to as neuropathy. In addition, prolonged use of Lipitor as well as other statin drugs might lead to depression,cognitive damage, myopathy,rhabdomyolysis, and eventually heart failure.

Nevertheless, in the medical world,a drug is supposed to mitigate cardiac failure, but it is always linked with the same risk of the condition it is supposed to reduce. As a result, it is medically correct to associate heart failure with muscle breakdown. Additionally, Lipitor side effects may include erectile dysfunction in men patients, as well as liver failure and damage. Maybe the most dangerous side effect of all is memory loss. In some incidences, one go to the extent of forgetting phone numbers, loved ones, own names, or even forgetting about simple responsibilities like paying utility bills. This is always the case when an individual uses Lipitor, particularly because it reduces levels of cholesterol, a vital component for the brain development.

Steps To Take If You Experience Lipitor Side Effects

Nonetheless, you should not worry alot, especially when you are affected by the Lipitor side effects.Consequently, every victim of these effects is eligible to apply for a lawsuit. According to the laws, one can go ahead to sue the company in an event where he or she experiences Lipitor side effects.

Position of the Law Firm Pertaining Handling of Product Injury Law: Lipitor Side Effects

Over years, this law firm is known to delve into legal matters pertaining product injury on the body. As such, they boast a rich experience in dealing with such lawsuits, hence making them a top-notch law firm across the world. Moreover, there are a number of lawsuits, which are lining up, but they have not been lodged in the courts, and more so, there is no a lawsuit or lipitor settlements the firm has won. However, in an event where you experience the side effects it is advisable to fill the free case review. The company is going a notch higher to ensure the affected individuals are helped; as such, whenever one completes the form, a qualified lawyer who has a great experience in Lipitor lawsuits will make efforts to reach him or her, as soon as possible.


Yaz Side Effects

The Yaz Side Effects To Look Out For

yaz-side-effectsStudies based on Yaz side effects have resulted in a grueling shock; this birth control pill was clearly never supposed to leave the manufacture rooms. Our female population was deceived into laying their fears to rest with Yaz.

The new generation drug indicted the use of Drospirenone, a rather defamed formulae in its category unanimously famed for causing blood clots in major blood vessels.This immediately triggers a subconscious avalanche of questions all aimed at the manufacturer of this harm bearing drug; didn’t Bayer Pharmaceutical Company have the expertise to validate the safety of their new product? Aren’t they tasked with the mandate of honestly advertising their products including highlighting the Yaz side effects?

Our moral standing as a firm remains pure and unshaken. We strive to patch up all the little things together to detail with our clientele in mind. As a matter of fact, we advocate for the filing of a Yaz lawsuit to bite Bayer where it hurts most, their pockets. This forum discusses the side effects of Yaz intuitively; 

The mild Yaz side effects

The side effects herein depict only a feeble discomposure and are not a threat to life. They are however a precursor of viler things to come; individuals experiencing them are thus advised to get in touch with their physicians and curve a way out of the impending menace.  Afterwards you may join in a Yaz Class Action Lawsuit to compensate for the serious Yaz Side Effects you may be suffering from.

Have you been experiencing nausea coupled with intense headaches which even qualify for migraines? Is your heart beating at an unprecedented rate? If you have had/have been consuming Yaz, it is more likely than not that your body is portraying reactive signs. The individual’s breasts grow tender and painful. The most worrying occurrence in this sub category is the inconsistent menstrual cycles. In most cases, they start too early and end late in the day. This leads to excessive blood loss; some affected individuals have also reported on heavy bleeding even when they are not going through menstruation.

The serious Yaz side effects

In the course of seeking a Yaz settlement, these Yaz side effects play a combustive role in the delivery of the settlement. Unlike the former, they are life threatening and can easily result in the loss of life if not well managed. A claimant thus has the due advantage in a legal tussle with Bayer; quite a substantial number of affected individuals have been reimbursed on the count of these side effects.

Blood clots

Drospirenone induces the formation of blood clots in the deep veins located in the legs and occasionally in the arms as well. These blood clots disengage from the mother clot and travel in the blood where they have the potential to cause the following side effects;

Heart attack

This occurs when a blood clot shifts its location to the human heart where it causes the build-up of pressure; heart complications then set it.


In this instance, the blood clot positions itself in an area adjacent to or inside the brain where it cuts off the flow of blood. The affected cellular region withers off and renders part of the brain functionless.

Pulmonary embolism

A blood clot in the lungs is a rather unfortunate event; the clot blocks the pulmonary arteries and this indefinitely reduces the capacity of blood to transport oxygen to body cells and tissues.

The Yaz gallbladder disease

The consumption of Yaz hypes the cholesterol levels in bile, a digestive juice stored and concentrated in this organ. This reduces its movement, an action which causes the formation of the gallstones that later inflame this vital organ.